Self Care Ideas During Quarantine!

I have been riding the struggle bus being trapped at home, not gonna lie. It’s not even that I do a whole lot normally; it’s that the option isn’t there. Here are some ideas to occupy yourself during these troubling times.

1. An obvious one is to try and indulge in a new show or some new movies. Try a genre you wouldn’t normally entertain. Watch a kids movie to feed your nostalgia. Whatever you need to do to keep your brain occupied.

2. Read a book. You can do this from your phone or other devices or, you know, an actual book is cool too. I personally prefer the feel of physically holding a book and being able to turn the pages.

3. Get artsy. Color, draw, write a poem, paint, anything that is engaging and unleashes your creative side. You do not have to be “good” at art to enjoy it. That’s the whole purpose of art. Make it your own.

4. Pamper yourself. Take a warm bath. Do a face mask. Paint your nails. Do your makeup. Something that helps you feel more put together or clean or just more confident.

5. Tackle a nagging household chore. If there was ever a good time to clean, it’s now. Being held up in a messy house is not a great feeling. Might as well use some of that restlessness to make your environment yours!

6. See how you can help your community. A friend of mine is writing cards out with her son to a nursing home to bring them joy during these restricted times. I’ve seen others donating supplies.

7. Try a new recipe. There are apps out there that let you enter in the ingredients you have on hand that will give you a recipe based on those ingredients. You’re fed and you try something new!

8. Video chat with someone. This will enable you to feel more connected with the outside world. Social isolation can be killer to deal with but knowing there are ways to see and hear our loved ones can help.

9. Try phone therapy. If available to you and if you are struggling, I recommend finding a therapist that can help you either over video chats or phone calls. There’s no shame in needing help through challenges.

10. If you are in crisis, take care of yourself immediately by contacting 911 or the suicide hotline. Let’s be real, everything going right now is scary and many of us are struggling. Please make your safety a priority.

As always, thanks for reading!

With love,

Jessica ♡

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