Why I Decided to Become More Eco Friendly.

I’ve talked about my illnesses the last few days so today I’d like to go a different direction! While I love raising awareness for health related issues, I also enjoy raising awareness for our planet! In a recent post, I explored a few products I’ve gotten to try and help reduce my plastic consumption. But why? What makes me want to make these changes? Allow me to explain!

1. People need clean water and so do animals. We, as of right now, only have this one planet to inhabit. And it’s in danger. Plastic is ending up inside our water, thus damaging ecosystems. Fish that are caught are turning up filled with plastic. So are other animals. As a result of pollution, according to a source I found (sited at the bottom of my page!) 2.4 billion people do not have access to clean water. That is disgusting and shameful that we’ve allowed this to happen. Small swaps can make a world of difference though- literally! Start helping our planet now, before it’s too late. Watch your plastic usage, use reusable bags, reusable whatever and wherever you can! I personally don’t want to live in a world where someone is going without clean water.

2. I like the idea of unifying people for an important cause. The more people working in conjunction to save the planet, the better. It’s a beautiful thing when people can put aside differences in the name of something important. I’ve recently followed a bunch of people on instagram who share my passion for this cause. I love doing something to help while connecting with others. Connect with people at your local farmer’s market to buy products locally. This helps reduce emissions needed for transport all while supporting small business!

3. I don’t want to see an end to beautiful forestry. There’s something so serene about a walk in the woods. More importantly, animals homes are there. I live in Wisconsin so I’ve been fortunate to grow up with forests far and wide. Lots of hiking potential in this state! Deforestation to keep up with our overpopulation is a problem. We keep clearing land to build more homes and produce more products. Deforestation leads to a decrease in oxygen levels and I’m sure you can gather what that means but if not, take a deep breath and thank your trees that you’re able to do that. This is why recycling and reusing as much as you can is important. The demand for new products could hurt your forests. And we all like to breathe, right?

4. There are benefits to your wallet for helping Earth. Energy saving lightbulbs reduce your electrical bill. Cutting back on water usage will, go figure, lower your water bill. A lot of earth friendly products are reusable so you only need to purchase them once. An example of this would be my reusable makeup wipes. Rather than tossing out a piece of bleached cotton everytime I wash my face, I can just use my makeup pads. They’re more effective and gentle on my face and I don’t need to purchase more chemically altered cotton pads!

5. I want to see a brighter future for our youth. Rather than giving our children a gargantuan mess to clean up, I want to give them the tools to continue doing well and preserve their home. I want to see them educated and living sustainable lifestyles. I don’t want them to be cleaning up my mistakes! I don’t want to have people reaching 18 in a panic because they’re not sure how to reverse our damage. Not if there’s something I can do to prevent that. Older generations are supposed to help guide and set up the younger generations so that they can become effective and productive adults in their own ways. Why would you NOT want to make something better for someone else when given the chance? Especially if it helps everyone?

Sources: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/topics/resource-library-human-impacts-environment/



With love,

Jessica ♡

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