How I Use My Sundays.

Everyone has stressors throughout the week that drain their internal battery. For me, it’s generally balancing my illnesses, managing my mental health, and momming. I love being a mommy but every parent knows it can be hard to take care of a tiny human. Not to mention, even positive stressors can still be taxing physically and emotionally. So I cope with these things by making Sundays “my day.” Here’s what I do and why!

1. I refuse to make set plans, excluding huge events like a wedding. I love having a day of the week, consistently, with zero obligations. I use my Sunday to get much needed rest and to prepare for the week ahead.

2. I stock my pill organizer. Somewhat self explanatory, but as a sick lady, I utilize various medications in an attempt to mimic being “well.” This takes some stress out of my week by having my pills ready to go each day and ensures I’m taking them appropriately and as I’m supposed to.

2. I do my menu planning and any meal prepping. This ensures I’m following a nutritious diet for the week, which helps me mentally and physically. It takes the stress out of trying to last minute find a dinner idea. In my case, if it’s not planned ahead, I’ll eat out and then feel like garbage. I definitely encourage occasional treats but for someone like me with a super sensitive digestive tract, this isn’t ideal.

3. I do two self care exercises. Whether it be journaling, painting, drawing, etc, I always ensure I do something to spark my creative interests. It enables me to feel productive and preserve my imagination. Additionally, I’ll do something like a face mask or a warm bath to help me relax. My mental health is a massive priority, as I am bipolar type two. Stressors exacerbate my mood swings a tenfold so bringing down my levels helps prep me for the week on a strong note.

4. I tidy something that has been neglected. Does the toilet need to be scrubbed? Is my kitchen a nightmare? This is where I provide my space with the TLC it needs. This gives me peace of mind and helps me maintain my home. A clean home is a happier, more stress free home.

5. I relish the small things and slow down my pace. I express gratitude in my journal and I enjoy my morning cup of coffee at my own pace. I take time to observe the flavors, whereas a normal day I slam a cup just to function.

Sundays, for me, are about doing what I want, as fast or slow as I want. It gives me a day of the week to always look forward to. A day to recoup and find myself. I love designating a day to relax and get to know myself better. If you can’t dedicate a day of the week for such things, absolutely carve out some time each day for this. Your overall health will thank you.

With love,

Jessica ♡

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