I’m not in the mood to write today.

I’m not in the mood to write today, yet here we are. Want to know why? Because I want to be a writer and that requires discipline and dedication. Just like anything worth doing, it takes some effort. No one gets to the top of a mountain in one leap; it takes a series of baby steps. So, here’s another baby step helping me get closer to the top. No matter how small, some progress is better than none at all.

I’m a perfectionist so I often feel like if I don’t do things “perfectly,” they’re not worth doing at all. Big. Mistake. Once I dropped this mentality, things started happening. And by drop I mean that I’ve lessened how much I believe that idea of perfection. Literally nothing is perfect.

So I started writing my poem book, “I Paint with the Alphabet,” and thus far I have 22 poems for the collection. This may not seem like much (considering I need around 100 poems at least, and that assuming they’re all utilized upon publication,” but again, baby steps. I’m the driving force behind my dreams, no one else. I’ve got to be the one to pick up my feet and move even an inch closer to clutching those dreams.

I also started up an Instagram page dedicated to sharing snippets of my work to help build an audience. (Follow it if you desire, jessica_hurleyy) This enables me to get my work out there to prospective readers and give them a sample of my style while also receiving constructive feedback. If I end up choosing the self publication route, or even if a publisher is kind enough to believe in me, an audience will be crucial.

Anyway, my purpose in telling you I didn’t want to write today is that you shouldn’t give up. Resting is okay, but to achieve your dreams, you need to keep at them as if your life depends on it. In a way, it does. At least your happiness. The only thing holding you back is yourself and the perceived limitations you’ve come to believe.


With love,



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