Hi I’m Jessica and I have writer’s block.

Greetings faithful followers and prospective readers! Have you ever had one of those nights where you writers block drops like an anvil on any semblance of creativity you may have? Well if so, you’re not alone, my friends. I truly aspire to blog more frequently and I think learning to be consistent is key. So tonight’s topic will be my tips to open the door to your imagination. (Can’t help but envision Spongebob saying “imaginaaaaaation” here.) I’m an adult, can you tell? Anyway, let us dive in and take a swim to our imagination!
Tip number one: Google or pintrest writing or art prompts. 

These are amazing tools because it at minimum provides subject matter. It enables you to find a topic you’re interested in and then provide your own voice to give it life. The same may apply to other forms of art! For example, when I paint I often use other pieces of work for reference and give it my own twist. 
Tip two: Revise old work.
Even if it’s not the same as producing a fresh piece of work, it provides a sense of productivity while basically being the coffee that gets creativity juices flowing. Old poem? Edit it. Old artwork? Rework some details. Do it however you please. 
Tip three: Consistency. (Says the girl who struggles with mainting regular content. But seriously!)
I write or read daily. I find this helps me crawl out from under the weight of writer’s block anvil previously mentioned. Even journaling about my day helps me hone my craft. Make it yours but be consistent.
Tip four: Take a break.
This tip is contradictory to my last tip but there’s a difference between a lack of dedication and genuine burn out. Perhaps your brain juices simply need time to replenish. When this happens, I restore equilibrium by doing my favorite self care activities. This differs on an individual basis but some of my go-tos are face masks, coloring, napping, taking a bubble bath, indulging in a favorite show, etc. 
Tip five: Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
I struggle with writing happy things. My views in life have grown far more optimistic however I feel sadness with such depth it makes it convenient to write about depressing things. This is fine and dandy but if I want an extensive array of skill, I want to expand to subjects I struggle with. So lately to ease into happier subjects, I’ve been writing about flowers. Next, maybe love or sex. Who knows? But I do know it’s enabling me to grow as a writer. 
This concludes my list for now and I’ve got to say, I’m proud I at least wrote today. 
With love,

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