You can always begin again.

“It’s never too late to start over.”

So here I am…starting over. For what may be like the tenth time with this blog. But you know what? It beats completely giving up. I love writing and part of why I lost my urge to write was I felt I wasn’t making it far enough. This is absurd because how does one make it any where without putting in the effort to move forward? Additionally, if I’m happy and enjoying the writing, what else should matter? So my goal for the next month is to write every Thursday. Even if its nonsense to others, it might be the key to my joy. And maybe,  just maybe, someone else will relate which is all I can ask for.
For some background, I had my beautiful baby Alice. Her nickname is Squish and I worry she won’t know her real name. She is now 7 months old and healthy and my world. I survived post partum depression that made the beginning feel terrifying and unbearable. We have narrowed my diagnosis journey down to yes it’s an autoimmune disease, but which one? Regardless, I’m fighting back by eating healthier. Little steps, such as eating at home every day of the week. I’ll keep those of you who are interested posted on my life and I’ll be writing about other things too. It depends what mood I’m in. But know this: it won’t be written unless I genuinely enjoy doing it. Thanks!

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