It’s time I challenge my fatigue.

I am in the midst of a flare and my brain fog has settled like a blanket atop my comprehension ability. I am admittedly reluctant to even try to write as it feels my thoughts are incoherent and muddy. However, I have a goal and I’m sticking to it so here goes!

Fatigue is hard to describe unless you’ve felt it. Most people have felt it to an extent whether it be from burning out at work or a few sleepless nights studying, etc. I have got to say though that the fatigue from my chronic illness is on a whole new level in comparison to my late night college days fatigue. Back then a few coffees and I was ready to go. This fatigue I experience now is almost painful. I describe it as bone crushing because even the mere idea of standing hurts. Its beyond exhaustion. Doctors keep telling me the best way to cope with this is to exercise and make myself do things. So I’m going to try my best but it’s quite the catch 22 when the thing that is supposed to help you initially causes more pain and discomfort. 

I’m giving up my stimulant medication to top it off. I’m going to attempt to really dedicate to cleaning up my diet to hopefully reduce inflammation and generate more energy. All I want is to be the healthiest version of myself I can be, despite chronic illness. Fatigue may stop me some days, but it certainly won’t stop me everyday. I will keep you posted on my journey from taking 80 mg of vyvanse to going more natural.
With love, 

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