Deciding between breastfeeding or taking my medications.

Mothers already face a ton of hardship between raising their child in a way that best suits them while hearing from all angles what the “right” way to parent is. It seems everyone has an opinion on this subject, regardless of circumstances. While there is no right way, at least in my opinion as long as your child or children are loved and looked after, there are some things that people are adamant on. Breastfeeding is one of these things.

Recently, at my doctor’s office, I was presented with a difficult choice; continue the medications that grant me my quality of life and use formula or sacrifice my meds in favor of the beautiful bonding experience that is breastfeeding. I felt my gut drop at the idea of missing out on this special time with my baby but also intense anxiety at the idea of being without the pills that enable me to function. I’m medicated not only for major depression, but some physical conditions as well. Not only would I be unable to care for myself the best emotionally, I would also physically suffer.

The way I see it is while baby will of course be first priority in my world, if my health is in danger, so is my child’s because I would be unequipped to provide proper care. I’m at massive risk already for post-partum depression and I fear going med-less could exacerbate this. So while it was extremely hard for me to toil with the idea of not breastfeeding, because yes I know of the immense benefits, I have to do what will ultimately be best for my family and myself. If you’re a new mother, or mother in general, remember that you know what’s best for your family. It is up to you to make decisions, no matter how hard, that will pertain to your family’s best interest. This will be the hardest thing for me to remember but as a person who usually is content being a doormat, this is the one area where I’m determined to take the reigns.


With love,



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