My letter to the FCC folks regarding net neutrality.


    I am composing this message in regards to the net neutrality proposal. To remove net neutrality is a massive violation for people’s access to freedom of speech and press. Additionally, it demonstrates complete disregard for people who utilize the internet to pursue their careers, for people like myself who work from home. I am a blogger and Youtuber who has only just started establishing my name. I am chronically ill; to the point I can not hold down a regular job. This is my only source of income and I find it disturbing that I may have to pay a fee just to be able to work. Not to mention, should this proposal pass, the entire economy will be effected. Small businesses will lose the ability to reach new customers through the biggest source of networking: the internet. “The only thing permanent is change.” Without room for growth, we will all suffer the consequences. New potential products or brands that could benefit the masses may not make it simply because they would not be able to funnel money into networking. The only people who are in agreement with this proposal remain blissfully unaware of the fact that yes, they too would be effected. Should this be implemented, popular websites utilized for recreational or educational purposes will require payment. For everyone. 

    Let’s not fail to mention that the majority of internet service providers are founded with liberal ideals, thus wiping out the conservative perspective. Those who pay will get to sway. They will be able to put out whatever information appeals to their company and be able to influence society without allowing us, the average person, to hear both sides. Media’s impact on humanity is incredible and can and would become manipulated. The lower to middle class already suffer in today’s society. Some of these people, like myself, are chronically ill and utilize the internet to handle their medical affairs in a way that is convenient for them. Others, as previously mentioned, are upcoming business operators just beginning to build their platform. Now this right could be potentially stripped away.

     We hear from the moment we are old enough to learn all about the “American Dream,” and “The land of Opportunity.”  This is not a pathway that leads us to our dreams. This is not an opportunity. Denying people access to this platform is a violation of human rights and is a direct insult to the amendments that protect our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I can confidently say that there was probably a point in time that you entered your field of employment to help people or at the very least, the economy. If you agree with this proposal, you are not standing true to either of those values, nor America’s values. Is money truly more important than the respect of your country? I feel America’s respect doesn’t have a price and should you vote for this proposal, you will lose my respect and I guarantee I am not alone in this. I appreciate your time and hope that my words, while they remain free, have an impact.


Jessica D. Hurley

One thought on “My letter to the FCC folks regarding net neutrality.

  1. Yes, thank you for this! I sent a comment as well but I used an already written template. Please don’t realize how important this issue is. Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC,says everyone’s concerns are “hypothetical”, yet everything everyone was worried about was starting to happen until 2015, when the FCC introduced Net Neutrality. I’ve been doing major research because I’m passionate about it & I just wrote an article about it for a website. Some are so apathetic to the issue because they don’t realize what’s going to change until it happens. & Pai is still pushing forward with the vote Dec. 14, regardless that the majority of Americans are very much against appealing it. He’s a shithead.


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