Today I started DBT Therapy.

Dialectical behavior therapy¬†is something almost anyone could benefit from, I learned after I began delving into it today. My focus was on emotional regulation because dealing with chronic illnesses alongside mental illnesses has left me depressed, resentful, and enraged. I’m frequently bitter about my circumstances; I miss the life I lead before illness swooped in and tried to take charge. However, I always aspire to remain optimistic despite misfortune, so it was fascinating to learn more about this type of therapy. Basically, from what I’ve observed thus far, DBT teaches a person to reshape their perceptions and behaviors. For example, one of my myths about emotion is that “Letting others know I’m upset means I’m weak.” I would never think this of anyone else, but I hold myself to the highest, most unrealistic standard. DBT tells me to challenge this mentality and instead think “Sharing my emotions takes strength.” I love how small shifts in perception enable me to see situations more objectively and more compassionately. We are all human, we all make errors, so why I hold myself to these high standards doesn’t make sense. I’m just as human as anyone reading this. Sure, we may face different challenges, but we’re all on a journey through this thing called life, trying to put our best foot forward on the path to happiness.


With love,



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