Meeting my new dietician.

I was a bit nervous when my doctor suggested I see a dietician given my disordered eating in the past. Even now my eating has become disordered; I binge eat when depressed, stressed, angry, etc. I went to her office and was immediately relieved by the scenery. On the wall hung beautiful art. They were broken scales. This particular dietician specializes with eating disorder and I found that relieving. Still, butterflies fluttered in my belly as I waited. After a brief wait my husband and I entered this new woman’s office. She was very welcoming and I felt significantly more calm due to her friendliness. She told me a bit about herself and then gave me the option to tell her my story or she could ask me questions. I asked for a combination as I didn’t know where to begin. How would I tell a stranger about my battles with food? But together we delved into my eating habits, starting back to 5 years ago when restriction and exercise ruled my life. We talked until we lead up to now, my binge eating, which is where I felt most shameful. She remained non judgmental and together we set small, attainable goals for me to begin with. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, ensure you find help. This woman has already begun changing my life in conjunction with the help of my counselor. While I am just beginning recovery over again, I am hopeful. My dietician experience is one I do not regret and am ecstatic I embraced. Take care of your body and mind, always. 
With love,

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