Fibro fitness journey day #4

So I took one day off (wasn’t feeling too hot) and then today I woke up even more sore than if I HAD done my physical activity. I prefer to call it my P.A than exercise because it doesn’t put the pressure of “weight loss” on me. It’s just getting in some movement, and I can handle that! So this morning I did some stretching to loosen up my muscles and I did 15 minutes on the stationary bike. I’ve been aiming for 10-20 minutes, making this a happy medium. Unfortunately, my bad knee is feeling the strain. Back in high school I got an injury in track, and this knee hasn’t been the same since. I’m going to enjoy an Epsom salt soak tonight and take it easy the rest of today, in hopes of resuming my journey tomorrow. Though with this pain, I think tomorrow will consist of either yoga or pilattes to avoid further injury. Wish me luck, friends!


With love,



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