What my fibro taught me.

I think we can all agree fibro and anything associated with it sucks. However, it isn’t all bad and like any situation it isn’t simply black or white, there’s a lot of gray areas. One thing I have learned through it is to appreciate the small victories and moments of relief. I also learned who I am.
Fibro didn’t take away my dreams: it made me get more creative to find new ways to achieve my goals. I write from home and keep my eyes open to new opportunities. I work on my novel while managing my health.
Fibro didn’t make me unlovable: it showed me who deserves my time. When people inevitably “left” me due to my perceived limitations,  it opened my eyes to those who remained beside me. It hurt of course to watch people walk away but I’m glad they did. My time is valuable and when I invest it I want it well spent. 
Fibro didn’t take my humor: it made me laugh at myself more and appreciate every time I smile. When I stumble on my words, though very frustrating at times, I try to laugh about it. I can’t help my fibro fog or my IBS making my gassy, etc. I can help however the way I cope with these things.
Fibro changed me: I adapted to it so I could become more than my fibro. It’s so hard to remember these things sometimes. But I do my best. I’m proud of all of us. Those of us who are in flares and persisting even when it feels too hard.  Those of us who are having a  good day. Every one battling an illness. Keep persisting.

With love,

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