Removing toxicity from your life is necessary. 

Loved ones. We all have someone we care deeply about. However there are circumstances where love just isn’t enough. You can give and give until you are drained dry like a desert. No moisture left to nurture your own need for self love hydration. Everyone needs to rid themselves of toxicity. No one and I mean no one deserves to settle. If you suffer from chronic illness however you literally can’t afford the energy a toxic person or situation requires. We can barely get by as it is on the rough days. Of course we still can love someone but if they’re dredging us it is not necessary to allow it to bleed us dry, ill or not. At a certain point we must recognize a person needs to have it in them to save themselves. This may sound selfish but we are not responsible for anyone but ourself. A toxic person will manipulate you and meld your words into an overflowing volcano of self doubt and the lava will reduce you to ash. This is when it’s vital to walk even run away. No one deserves to feel like ash. No one deserves to be melted into nothingness. A toxic person is guilty for being toxic but enabling the behavior or tolerating it is just as guilty. At some point one must choose their health over trying to preserve someone else’s happiness. The agony over sawing off a toxic person is comparable to the pain I feel in my body each day only it takes place in my heart because I expressed genuine love. But I also recognized that a ship that’s sunk won’t float again just because I’m trying to keep sailing. 
With love,


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