Importance of a strong support system.

Having gone through Hell trying to get a diagnosis was almost unbearable. Not having an answer ate me alive. But then I got the answer I sought for so long. I initially felt relief; then I spiraled. Fibromyalgia. On top of all my other ailments. This wasn’t going to vanish, and coming to terms with that was a challenge I’ve never faced. I am so lucky my few remaining friends and loved ones are present in my life. They helped me carry the weight of the news. They helped me with household chores, traveling, doctors appointments, crying spells, and most importantly they provided unwavering truly unconditional love. My loved ones always drew my eyes to the light whenever I got lost in the darkness of my illness. Their moral support made me feel worthy of love. At first I felt like a massive burden on them and asking for help or to take breaks or cancel plans was terrifying. I feared they would leave me. Some people did. The ones who mattered though are still by my side. Sometimes they’re even there to push my wheel chair, unphased by the snooty stares we face, simply because I “look” fine. Never judge a book by its cover. I can look as if I’m glowing yet feel like I’m on fire inside. 
With love,

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