Four hours in the E.R later…I thank the staff.

Yesterday I was in the Emergency room for four hours. Luckily, they brought me back quickly but I was in excruciating pain and vomiting frequently despite lack of food since 5 pm the night prior. While I was taken back fast, I waited about an hour before any tests were run and even longer until the doctor came back. I feel most people would be upset about this, but I have been to the ER more often than I’d like so I’ve dealt with worse. My nurse was very sweet and expressed genuine compassion. She even apologized for delays, informing me they were swamped but they would do their best to get to me soon. I understand the ER staff are running around like crazy and this blog post is to serve as a shout out to all people working in this type of environment who truly show they care. Nurses and doctors are under high stress almost from the minute they arrive at work until the end of their shift and I applaud and thank them for all they’ve done. I’ve had crappy doctors that wouldn’t listen, but lately I’ve had doctors who listen even though I have yet to receive a formal diagnosis. Even to the doctors who didn’t listen to me, I appreciate them doing what they deemed best. It is hurtful to be disregarded, but also lead me to doctors who take me more seriously and has taught me how best to approach my ailments. Thank you to the kind people in the medical field who listen and who choose such a difficult line of work. You’re heroes, even if it doesn’t always feel it. Even if patients appear unappreciative or are rude, know that there’s plenty out there like myself who are just grateful to be given your time.


With love,



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