Bed rest with Mental Illness is a Challenge; but we can beat it!

As a sufferer of OCD, I am a perfectionist. This is NOT a singularly definitive feature of ocd, but my particular ocd manifests this way often times. Given that I’m on bed rest, my mind is obsessing that I’m being “too lazy” and I should be trying much harder. This mentality turns into depression and guilt over my restricted abilities. I then find myself in a cycle of self doubt, guilt, depression, and panic over whether or not I’ll get my life together. However, I try to remember that “lazy days” are necessary. When a phone dies, do you plug it in or try to keep making it work? I think most of us would plug it in and give it time to recharge. Shocker, our bodies work similarly! Sure, we aren’t phones, but everyone needs some relax and recharge time, even those who aren’t mentally or physically ill. Would you berate your friend or another loved one for taking a nap or some personal time? I’d hope not, so why do you deserve lesser treatment? Life is too short to be battling oneself, and when you add mental or physical illness on top, you NEED to be your own friend the best you can. Some days, the self loathing is overwhelming, trust me, I know. However it is crucial to remember that self compassion and understanding are going to lift you up as opposed to bullying yourself into a hole you’re afraid to come out of. If you’re like me and desire a sense of accomplishment, try something like reading or any gentle task to soothe yourself while also feeling as if you’ve accomplished something. Remember that every little step counts. The obstacle ahead may look daunting, but it takes a series of little steps to get you from point a to b so keep trucking along! My personal favorite things to do when burnt out are take a bubble bath, apply my favorite face mask, and listen to some relaxing Pandora stations. Pamper yourself however you desire. Have a little ice cream. Order a pizza. Take a nap. Remove your pants and take what I call a “potato day” and literally do nothing other than lay around. Whatever helps clear your body of the stress of life, as long as it’s healthy and in moderation if it’s not so healthy.

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