Yesterday’s optimism vs today’s depression.

Yesterday I posted about things I try to do to pull myself out of a rut. Sometimes, even with our best efforts, we just need to be sad. Today is a “sad day” and I think I am overdue for this. When you struggle with depression such as myself, you tend to put everyone else first and ignore yourself. For one, it feels great to help others. It also allows us to distract ourselves from our own issues. Ignoring the underlying issues doesn’t miraculously make them vanish unfortunately, and today I’m paying the price of wearing myself too thin. I painted, I wrote, I’ve got a glass of wine and cartoons on and yet my heart still throbs with sorrow. I am going through a physical sickness currently, and it’s beginning to gnaw away at me. You’d think after days of pain one would grow accustomed to the feeling; this is not the case. It’s almost as if it intensifies each day, serving as a reminder that I’m limited in every activity and that anything I do, I’ll be feeling it later. For example, I painted for two hours today. Now as a result a blanket of fog has encompassed my brain from the mental exertion. I do not seek pity, I just wish everyone to know that while there’s plenty of stress relieving activities out there, sometimes being sad is the best cure. If you’re in the same boat as myself, I have some tips for you.

  1. Set a sadness time limit. Let yourself be as sad as you want for 10, 15, 20, etc minutes. Stick with this. Let it all out and then try to move forward or see what lesson could be learned or what was gained.
  2. Take a nap. Your body may need rest. You could be overworked or stretching yourself too thin in other areas so nurturing your body is vital.
  3. Let the tears flow. Cry it out. I’ve mentioned this before, but I swear a good cry can work like a charm.
  4. Ask for support. This may feel difficult, but it’s okay to ask for help and is encouraged, especially if you feel in crisis. You matter and deserve to treat yourself the same way you’d treat a loved one.
  5. Focus on getting through even a second at a time. Pain is temporary and it WILL pass, we just have to keep pushing forward. I realize that’s much easier said than done at times but take the day in increments and aim to work on one task at a time.

Sending you all positive vibes,



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